TYFYLT ‘began’ in 2016 initially as a hashtag used by Matt O’Brien on Instagram posts which featured himself and/or his good friends enjoying life. This simple gesture was in response to a challenging time. Matt lost a close friend unexpectedly in 2016 and the shock rippled through social connections around the world. The realisation that life was short and that friendships could be taken away without notice sparked an urgent desire to not only cherish the friendships he had, but to make sure those people knew.

The hashtag resonated with a lot of people and before long, people all over the world were adopting the sentiment as their own and signing off their own declarations of friendship with #TellYourFriendsYouLoveThem. More and more people began to feel it’s positivity and within months, hundreds and hundreds of photos celebrating friendship could be seen by searching the tag (And no, they weren’t all Matts!).

It made sense to encapsulate this message fully and give it its own day on the calendar - June 21- the shortest day of the year, is also the darkest day.

Tell Your Friends You Love Them.  It’s pretty simple really.